Network Preferences

Figure 8.3. Connection Options

Network connection options

You can select re-connection policy, and make use of proxy servers

You can select the number of seconds to wait before disconnecting a stream if there is no incoming data. This could be due to your network connection being down, or network congestion on the Internet.

You can choose to auto-reconnect if a connection is dropped, or the connection cannot be established in the first place, or if some error halts recording midway through a broadcast. You can select the number of seconds before re-connecting. The lower the number, the more aggressive the policy, and the more background processing. Setting the wait to 0 seconds will re-connect the fastest.

RadioLover normally connects to radio stations based on the Network settings in your system preferences. If you are using a proxy server in your System Preferences, it will also be by RadioLover. However, you can choose to ignore the system setting and use a custom proxy server.