Chapter 8. Preferences

Table of Contents

Download Preferences
Listening Preferences
Network Preferences
Miscellaneous Preferences

This chapter will explain the preferences options.

Download Preferences

Figure 8.1. Downloading Options

Download options

Select where to download recordings

By default, recordings are saved in a user's home directory, under the "Music" folder. Under this folder, recording are organised by radio station name. There will be folders with the name "incomplete", which are working folders, and may contain incomplete recordings. You can delete the contents of this working folder.

Do not save recordings into the iTunes Music Library folder. This folder is for the use of iTunes only, and if recordings are saved there, the behaviour of recordings in iTunes is unpredictable.

You can ignore duplicate recordings if you wish. Duplicate recordings are based on whether the track information which was sent by the radio station already exists in the download history.

You can clean up your download directory by ignoring small files - often a result of radio adverts and jingles, or the last few seconds of a song.

Disk safetly lets you stops recording if your download folder is running out of space. The limit is set to 100MB, and is recommended if you are saving to your boot volume (the disk which OSX is on). As reported on MacFixIt, and from personal experience, if your boot volume is running low on disk space many applications such as Mail and Safari can crash, and corrupt their respective user preference files.