Chapter 7. Scheduler

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How does the scheduler operate?

This chapter will show you how to set up your own recording schedules.

How does the scheduler operate?

There's no need to stay up all night to listen to broadcasts from the other side of the world. RadioLover's built-in scheduler lets you schedule recordings so you never miss your favourite radio show. Important: You need to keep RadioLover running if you have scheduled a recording - don't quit the application! (We hope to address this issue in the future and enable RadioLover to wake up a computer from deep sleep). Using the scheduler, you can set up a recording schedule, similar to that of a VCR. To access the scheduler, select a radio stream and click the schedule icon in the toolbar. A drawer will open with the scheduling options.

Figure 7.1. The Scheduler

The Scheduler

The scheduler lets you set up recording events

Decide if the show is a one-off, or a recurring programme. Enter the start and stop time of the show. Times are entered in the 12 hr clock format, and you can toggle the AM/PM indicator. Also enter a name for the show. The name can be used as an iTunes playlist name, where recordings are added. Read the section on Recording Styles to find out more about this.

When done, click the add button. Your schedule will be active. You can disable a schedule by clicking the checkbox.

To modify a schedule, select the schedule in the table, make some changes and then click the modify button which is enabled.

If a schedule is active, you will see a clock icon appear next to the radio stream. When the timer kicks off your recording, the clock will change to a red icon (similar to a VCR)

If the recording is interrupted, such as by a change of network location, the application will try to restart the recording every few seconds. If you quit the application, the next time RadioLover is launched, the scheduled recording will continue if necessary.

To stop a scheduled recording from starting, either disable it by clicking the active checkbox, or remove the entry from the list of scheduled recordings. Clicking the "Stop" button on the toolbar will not work - this is in case you click it by accident.

If you need to, you can also modify existing scheduled recordings.