iTunes Playlist Integrations

This section shows you how to organise RadioLover recordings in iTunes.

Figure 6.6. iTunes Playlist Options

Picture of iTunes playlist options

Recordings can be added to iTunes playlists automatically

If you decided to add recordings to iTunes, you should check to see if iTunes is currently set to copy files into its own music library when songs are added. You can check this in the iTunes Preferences. If so, you might want to select an option in RadioLover's Preferences to delete recordings once they have been added to iTunes, thus saving disk space.

You can select the default playlist RadioLover, or you can select one based on the stream name. Note that the stream name can be edited in the main table. Alternatively, if in your preferences you have set the stream name to be set based on the Radio Station's server, the playlist name will be based on this information. You can also choose to have a playlist named by genre. Genre information is sent by the radiostation, so a playlist might be named RadioLover - Jazz. Finally, you can enter your own playlist name.

If you use the scheduler, you might want to organise recordings by the date and time of the recording. So if you record from a stream manually and via the scheduler, you can distinguish the recordings based on the playlist name.