This section explains how to use tagging options to alter the information recorded with your MP3s.

Figure 6.5. Tagging Options

Picture of tagging options

Tagging options affect how information such as artist, album, song name and genre are recorded in your MP3s.

Tagging helps you to organise and identify the recordings you make.

You can tell RadioLover to organise recordings by adding a sequence number to the start of filenames.

You can use these sequence numbers in the MP3 tags as the "track number". This is great for listening to the recording in the exact order as broadcast. Very useful for DJ mixes.

Sometimes you will see that there are missing track numbers in a sequence. This can happen for a number of reasons. The recording may have been very small, say a jingle, and may have been removed based on your settings in Preferences. Or the network connection may have been done, or the station disconnected you, resulting in a missing file or partial file.

If a radio stream only sends "Artist - Title" information, you can append an album name by using the radio station name instead.

The genre of recordings can be set to match the genre of the stream being recorded. You can change this to use a custom genre name if you wish.