This section will explain options to split streams by song, by time, or by size.

Figure 6.4. Splitting Options

Picture of splitting options

Splitting options let you split by song name, or by time or size of recording.

Before you start recording, you can select some options to ensure your recordings turn out exactly the way you want them. Want to break up long DJ mixes into 3 minute segments for easy iPod navigation? Or record 74 minute segments for easy burning to CD? Read on!

Most radio streams send track (or song) information with their broadcasts. This makes it possible for RadioLover to try and judge the point in time when one song ends, and another begins.

RadioLover will automatically look for the track data, and split recordings into individual tracks.

Some radio streams don't send track data at exactly the right time. Some song recordings may be split too late e.g. at the start of a song, so you have a few seconds of the previous song. For each RadioStream, you can tell RadioLover to split songs a few seconds earlier than normal, or later than normal.

If radio streams don't send any track information, it is not possible to record by song or track. In this case, RadioLover shifts to manual control:

It is sometimes useful to select the option "Ignore Track Information" to tell RadioLover not to automatically split a recording by song or track. Instead, the manul recording options are used. For example, if you are recording a 30 minute radio show, and you don't want the recording to be split into individual songs and jingles.

Split by time records based on the time limit you set. Note that the length of time is in calculated in real-time. It is not based on how much data should have been sent in a period of time, as often data is lost due to network congestion.