Setting A Radio Station's Recording Style

Select a stream in the table and click the Recording Style. A drawer will open, where you can select the recording style from the pull-down menu, and click open to edit a recording style. By default, the standard recording style is selected.

Figure 6.1. Recording Style Drawer

Recording Style Drawer

Assign and edit recording styles

On opening the recording style editor, you will see a window with pull-down menus. These menus allow you to save changes, delete and rename existing recording styles.

Figure 6.2. Recording Style Menus

Recording Style Menu Closed

Current selected recording style, and current set of options on display

Note that it is not possible to change the default Standard recording style. Any changes should be saved with the Save As menu option.

Figure 6.3. Save, Rename And Delete Recording Styles

Recording Style Menu Open

Save, rename and delete recording styles