Chapter 5. How To Use RadioLover

Table of Contents

Stream Table
The Toolbar
Recording Controls
Record and Stop
Skipping A Track
Show Music
Stream Management
Add Stream
Add Folder
Delete Stream or Folder
Stream Recording Options
Recording Style
Scheduler Options
Web Address
Other Controls
Download History
Radio Tuner and Importer

This chapter will show you how to control RadioLover.

Stream Table

The stream table lets you get an overview of the current state of RadioLover - whether there are any active or pending recordings, and which stream you are listening to.

Figure 5.1. The Table Of Radio Streams

The Table Of Radio Streams

Things To Look Out For

Yellow Dot

Resolving the web address for the stream

Blue Dot

Connecting or recording radio stream

Speaker Icon

Listening to the radio stream

Clock Face Icon

Scheduled recording has been set up for this radio stream

Red Dot

Scheduled recording is active and recording


Radio stream is in stereo, else mono.

Click the column headers to sort the column alphanumerically. You can sort streams by name, comment or bitrate.