Chapter 3. Beginner's Tutorial

Table of Contents

Step by step tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to import iTunes radio stations into RadioLover and then record them. You will also learn the basic controls of RadioLover.

Step by step tutorial

  1. In iTunes, Open the Radio Tuner, and click on a genre title. iTunes will take a few seconds to retrieve a list of radio stations.

  2. In RadioLover, you will find a menu located on the toolbar. Select the menu option Tune Into Radio Stations -> Stations Currently On Display In iTunes. This will import the radio stations in iTunes into RadioLover.

  3. After 1-2 seconds, you will see a folder labelled "iTunes Radio Tuner..." in the main window of RadioLover. Open the folder by clicking on the disclosure triangle on the left. This will reveal the radio stations.

  4. Select one of the radio stations and click the record button. RadioLover will try and connect to the radio station and start recording.

  5. In the bottom right hand side of the window, you can see what RadioLover is doing. RadioLover will try to connect to the radio station, and display some information about its status. If successful, you will see the name of the current song being broadcast.

  6. In the main table, you will see information change. The "Name" column represents the name of the radio station. The "Bitrate" column represents the amount of bandwidth the radio station consumes for its stream. Generally, the more bandwidth that can be used for transmitted streaming audio, the better quality of the audio. 128kbps is good quality. There is also a column in the table marked "][" (looks like a Dolby sign) indicates whether or not the radio station is broadcasting in stereo.

  7. Click the listen button. RadioLover will tell iTunes to connect to RadioLover to listen to the stream you are recording. If you prefer using Audion, you can select Audio as the default player in the Preferences options.

  8. Sit back and enjoy the music for a few minutes.

  9. Click the show music button display your recordings in Finder. By default, RadioLover will save recordings in a folder named after the radio station, in your Music folder. You will also see a folder called incomplete. This is where RadioLover does a lot of its work. When recordings are finished, it moves them out of this work area.

    By default, completed recordings are added to an iTunes playlist called 'RadioLover. This is because streams are assigned recording styles, and the Standard recording style is set to do this. You can change this easily by creating your own recording style.
  10. Open a recording in Finder and listen to it in iTunes.

That's it, you've finished the quick start guide to RadioLover - it really is that easy! So far we've only touched upon a few of the basic features, so read on to learn much more.