Why Record Radio?

Users can record Internet radio so that they can listen to broadcasts when it is convenient for them. This is called time-shifting. It's the same principle as recording television broadcasts with a video recorder. Time-shifting with TiVos, VCRS and software such as RadioLover are giving users the freedom to listen or watch whatever they want, whenever they want. Now there's no excuse not to walk the dog!


This is the best program I've found for my Mac; since leaving Southern California for New York city I have had to do without a music program on the LA public radio station. Now I can capture it daily and play it on the iPod. Amazing.

--Dell Bleekman, April 2003 

Ever listened to a song on the radio, wanted to buy it, but not know the name of it? Many Internet radio stations send track and playlist information along with the broadcast, making it possible for RadioLover to divide recordings into songs. This makes it easy for users to learn about new music and find tracks in the iTunes music store or local record stores.


Click on one of hundreds of DJ-free, 24-hour online music stations of a particular, favorite genre, leave [it] running for a few hours (or all day) and come back later -- and, boom, waiting for you is a couple gigs of fresh new music, hours and hours worth, all organized by song name and group, ready to burn right to CD. Amazing.

--San Francisco Chronicle, SFGate Review, January 2003