RadioLover Features

With RadioLover you can:

Record MP3 Internet Streams

Thousands of MP3 radio stations are supported including those found in the iTunes Radio Tuner, on and other web-sites. The audio formats which can be recorded are Shoutcast-compatible radio streams, MP3, M3U and EXTM3U playlists.

Split Radio Into Songs

Radio streams which broadcast track information can usually be split into individual MP3 songs, with automatic tagging to fill in information such as song name, artist, album.

Schedule Recordings

Built-in scheduler allows you to schedule recordings of your favourite radio shows

Record Multiple Radio Stations

You can record dozens of high-quality radio streams at the same time. The more bandwidth you have, the more you can record. Broadband connection recommended!

Import Streams

Import the stations listed in the iTunes Radio Tuner, or drag and drop links to MP3 streams from your browser.

Advanced Splitting Options

Set up your own recording styles to split and organise recordings by song, time, or size

Works With iTunes

Makes use of iTunes to preview and listen to streams, and recorded songs can be automatically added to iTunes playlists